Student Handbook


Dear Ridgeview Families,

Welcome to the new school year!  This Parent-Student Handbook is presented for the purpose of developing an understanding of the educational opportunities provided at Ridgeview Elementary School.  We hope this will help answer questions concerning the operation and policies of our school. 

This document is not intended to be a contract between parents, students and the school.  It is intended to inform families of the policies and procedures which are adhered to by the Ridgeview Elementary School Faculty.  Please bear in mind that there may be situations and events that arise that are not specifically addressed in this handbook, or may cause a re-evaluation of the procedures outlined.  In these cases, we will always search for a resolution which best serves all of the students in our district.

Please contact the elementary office if you have questions regarding this handbook.  Our school will be successful if we have a positive, interactive relationship with the families and communities we serve. 

We wish you all the most successful school year yet.

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