2016 Body Walk

During the Fall 2015 & Spring 2016, ISU Mennonite College of Nursing placed 7 student nurses in Ridgeview Schools each semester as a part of America's Promise School Project.  The goal was to provide nursing students with a blended public health and pediatric clinical nursing experience and assist schools in health promotion, maximizing students' opportunity to learn. The program also emphasized the nursing students being mentors and role models for school children, promoting healthcare as a potential profession.  
Nursing students assisted in the school health office and worked with families in health-related outreach experiences under the guidance of clinical instructor, Denise Hammer, MSN, RNC-NIC. 

In addition to providing numerous health presentations in classrooms, assisting with the blood drive, vision & hearing screenings, the Smile IL dental program, Jr High PE activities, and PreK Family Fun Night, the students organized and led 
The Body Walk this spring.  The BodyWalk is a FUN, experiential exhibit of the human body designed to educate K - 5th grade students on the importance of the body's systems and functions.  Healthy eating and physical activity are continually vital to the growth and development of minds and bodies for students and families to be ready to learn!

Many thanks to the staff, the 26 high school students that helped with 
the Body Walk, the outreach families, community members, administration and the BOE for their support.  As always--team work!