COVID-19 Metrics


This chart depicts combined Student and Staff data for Ridgeview CUSD #19, and is based on the information parents have provided since 11/29/2020. Additionally, due to the volume of testing being done, results from positive tests can be significantly delayed.
New Positive Case - Number of new positive COVID-19 cases for a week. 
Total Positive Case - Total number of positive COVID-19 cases for a week. This is all active COVID-19 cases (new and previous).
Quarantined - Total number of individuals quarantined due to positive cases, symptomatic, or close contact.


This data represents the total number of cases in the communities of Ridgeview CUSD #19. This information is posted on


These metrics are weekly metrics posted on the IDPH website ( Data is reported weekly for the previous week.
New Case/100,000 - # of new cases per 100,000 within the last 14 days 
     Target: Case count is less than 10 or the rate is less than 50 cases per 100,000 people
Test Positivity - 7 day rolling positivity rate 
     Target: Test positivity is less than 5%
New Cases - Weekly count of new case increase 
     Target: Case number increases for 2 weeks by less than 10%
Youth Cases (#) - New cases that are under 20 years old
     Target: Case number increases by less than 10%
ICU Bed Availability - Percentage of ICU beds available
     Target: at least 20% of ICU beds available
CLI (COVID Like Illness) Admissions - Number of Hospital admissions for COVID like illness
     Target: decreasing or stable