Feedback Opportunities

Students, Parents, and Community Members,

At Ridgeview, we are continually looking for ways to make improvements. Gathering feedback from students, parents, and community members is essential in helping us work toward this goal. Your feedback would be appreciated on a few projects that we currently have in the works.

First, did you know Ridgeview has a courtyard?  Nestled in the middle of our building is a 2800 square foot outdoor space. Pictures of the space are attached below. Unfortunately, it is not currently able to be used as educational outdoor space. Noise from mechanical equipment in the courtyard makes it virtually impossible for classes to use the space. We would like to change that, and this is where you can help! We are looking for ideas on how to utilize this space more effectively. We currently have some federal funding that will help offset the overall cost. Some questions to consider:

  • Do we leave it as outdoor space? 

  • Do we find a way to enclose the area and create usable indoor space - larger meeting space for school and community groups? 

Additionally, the safety and security of our schools is at the forefront of everyone's minds and is  another area we are continually analyzing. A few months ago we began discussions with the Colfax Village Board on the feasibility of having a School Resource Officer staffed at Ridgeview Schools. We are working on finding a date in early July to hold a public forum for you to share thoughts, questions, and concerns. To help us prepare for that discussion, please provide any questions or thoughts you may have at this point in time.

Please use this link to provide feedback on either project. 

Feedback for Courtyard and School Resource Officer

Please note - We are collecting names and email addresses so we can follow up with you, if necessary. 

Thank you for your support of Ridgeview Schools!

Erik Young 


Ridgeview CUSD #19